Jaguars signal caller Byron Leftwich and handler Jack Del Rio appear to have contradictory opinions just about the quarterback's injured disappeared articulatio plana.

Del Rio wise to that Leftwich's ankle is 85 to 90 pct rosy spell Leftwich thinks it is 90 to 95 percentage fine. Leftwich besides went on to say that he does not cognise whether he would of all time get 100 pct fit since no one in his team is 100 proportionality.

Leftwich contradicted everything that Del Rio had said on November 6, 2006.

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Leftwich insists that he does not poorness to be a entertainment and requests to do everything affirmable to aid his squad win.

Del Rio had mentioned on November 6, 2006 that Leftwich's ankle will not get recovered cultivate he takes an extended extent of balance. There could be a prospect of medical science.

However, Leftwich contradicted this verdict. He same that the md did not convey him that. He thinks his articulatio plana is once more or nigh recovered and all he wishes to do is go out and performance to see how the ankle holds out.

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David Garrard is playing instead of Leftwich and the handler insists it is one and only because of upbeat reasons. However, Leftwich does not see it that way. He thinks he would have nonmoving been starting out as back had the Jaguars won at Houston once they contend in attendance nearly iii weeks ago. In that unfit Leftwich realized 14 passes for 125 yards out of 28 but did not have any touchdowns or interceptions.

Del Rio has deuced the deprived ceremony of the Jaguars on Leftwich's ankle. However, Leftwich refutes that and said that the bad throw left-handed a bad taste perception which would statement for the broke viewing at the Houston game.

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