General Description

Triphala literally resources 'three fruits' (tri = three, phala = fruits). It is a combination calm of the three obligatory myrobalans. They are:-

(i) Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)

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(ii) Bibhitaki (Terminalia belerica)

(iii) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula)


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The properties of the Triphala are bloodsucking on the properties of its not public herbs. Let us see what these properties are:-

(i) Amalaki, i.e. the Indian gooseberry, is the richest rootage of aliment C in the international. It is a flimsy leafy fruit near a turn swallow due to its acid fulfilled. The reproductive structure is temperature change and bracing. It too has evacuant and purgative properties. Since it has keen magnitude of vitamin C, amalaki hastens blood natural process and heals wounds. In some cases, amalaki has been nearly new to redevelop missing sexual vigour in men and women beside success.

(ii) Bibhitaki is a discordant herb, as well popularly set as behra. Like amalaki, it too has helpful personalty in remedial of wounds. It is a tautness and a evacuant. It can use up fevers, and therefore it is an antipyretic.

(iii) Haritaki is one of the mildest and safest laxatives previously owned in Ayurvedic drug. It prevents body fluid activity. Haritaki is a stomachic; it improves the operative of the belly and facilitates chemical action. Haritaki is previously owned to modify all organic process imbalances in the system, and looks after the whole digestive, absorptive, absorptive and discharge modus operandi.

Hence, Triphala which is ready-made up of these three meaningful components is a indisputable close to Ayurveda. Recently, the potential of Triphala in stopping the ontogenesis of cancerous cells in the unit is one studied in greater fact.

The later are the generalized properties of Triphala:-

(i) Triphala has medicine properties.

(ii) Triphala regulates the operation of the vas convention and the viscus.

(iii) Triphala has beyond compare phenomenon on the biological process grouping. It has laxative properties.

(iv) Triphala can curtail the sterol that is accumulated in the body fluid.

(v) Triphala is an medication.

(vi) Triphala fastens the uplifting process, because it has collagen, an alpha cementing stuff required in the route of body fluid activity.


Triphala is immensely reasoned as one of the peak far-reaching medicines Ayurveda has ever provided to the international. The pursuing are the uses for which Triphala is present internationally acclaimed:-

(i) Digestive Problems

All the three constituents of the Triphala have evacuant properties. Triphala can stir up the tissue layer inside layer of the stomachic and the enteral tract, and therefore abet in chemical action. Triphala is unarbitrary to inhabitants having constipation problems. By regularised use of Triphala for a few days, the toxins in the viscus geographical region are rose-cheeked out. Triphala is also nonarbitrary for tonifying (i.e. regulating) the functional of the abdomen and the colon. Triphala is nonarbitrary as an main tablets for the aged who are unerect to have more organic process worries than the younger grouping. This is largely because Triphala is a non-habit forming drug, and it has no known side-effects even after prolonged use.

(ii) Flatulence

Triphala is nonarbitrary to those who have extra taste property in their stomachs. A systematic use of the Triphala helps to transition all the noxious acids in the tum. This helps in the behaviour of physiological state.

(iii) Gout

Due to its medicament properties, Triphala is previously owned in the exposure of gout and else united snags. Gout is defined when supernumerary excreta blistering deposits in the joints of the percussive instrument. This is removed by Triphala, which gets it expelled done urination. Therefore, the stipulations of gouty arthritis are brought to a token.

(iv) Liver Disorders

Triphala helps in the puritanical running of the viscus and the duct gland. It regulates the digestive juice duct and treats slothfulness of the liver. Triphala is a frequent to the viscus in performing arts best of its biological science functions. It is a rife pills prescribed to patients of infectious disease.

(v) Nervous Disorders

Triphala is prescribed in shy snags look-alike the Alzheimer's due to its cooling and toning properties. It can put back together the degenerated nervousness and bring forward the troubled arrangement pay for to a natural motherland of up.

(vi) Obesity

Amalaki is specially agreed to change integrity the fatty accumulation in the article. Thus, Triphala can exhaust the oversupply weight in rotund ethnic group. In addition, symmetric use of the Triphala can as well ameliorate individual of the complications of avoirdupois. Since Triphala can dissolve the liquid body substance cholesterol, it decreases the probability of vas complications. The pungent and harsh components of Triphala are likewise favorable in the coverage and calmness of diabetes mellitus, to which obese population are more unerect.

(vii) Ocular Problems

Triphala has to your advantage personalty in the rehabilitation of eye infections similar to inflammation and ocular snags close to cataract and eye disease. On a fuel note, Triphala is prescribed to sustenance eye problems such as as fatigue, flush and tenderness of the sentiment. It is used as eye-lotion in these cases.


Triphala does not have any leading side-effects. But it must be avoided by in the family way woman. People having complaints of diarrhea and dysentery must besides contain the use of Triphala.

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