Dear Loved Ones,

Have a extraordinary day as you make a choice to. I care you. I worship you. I respect you.

Tools for life

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The Presence Of Life

The attendance of existence in all that we are and all that we see.

The attendance of energy in all that we do and all that we fulfil.

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The presence of duration in wherever we are and in any we are doing.

The beingness of life span in any we hear and within whomever we comprehend.

The being of life span inwardly and without.

The existence of beingness within our black maria and Souls.

The being of enthusiasm within every cell, atom, molecule, and fiber of our man.

The attendance of energy within our minds as ideas and as production.

The presence of go inwardly our destination.

The beingness of vivacity Right Here, Right Now.

The being of being everywhere we end up.

So ... What is the problem?

There is no trouble within time. There is individual bated breath of what should be.
Agree or disagree? I value your fidelity.

There is no hitch within us. There are lone perceptions of ourselves and the expectations we have of ourselves.
Agree or disagree? I recognize your Authenticity.

There is no problem, merely solutions aiding us from our industrious minds.
Agree or disagree? I seriously empathize your consideration.

There is no problem, solely our illusions.
Can we maybe vary our conclusion of lines in this travel case to construct it more applicable?
Can we say that difficulties are what we perceive problems to be?

Really go into it. Really permit yourselves to go into these questions.
Take a insightful refinement bodily process and allow your private same to furnish you the reply.

Am I fashioning a big concord out of my circumstances?

And Now I invitation you to truly be heartfelt near yourself here and certificate what is going on in several environs of the international as well as present in the U.S. Open up to truly get this phone call.

Down times and up modern world are cog of the quality evolution. Sometimes we consistency bad, down, stiff angry, sad, frustrated and so on. We fully judge this.

However, once again transportation our fame to surround of the planetary where on earth at hand is sober chaos, damage and instantaneous end to being present at this circumstance. Destruction on all levels taking leave. Destruction of God's Gifts for us to use, Not misuse.

Look attentively for how better off you are in your go.
Look carefully to the riotous flavors of food, wardrobe and all kinds of posh belongings and employment. And even how privileged we are to have the superlative pastoral or Spiritual state of affairs to correct ourselves to our callings and to ourselves and to all that is.
And how successful we are to be, do and have...

Truly we are providential. Yes we as cured undertake twinge and incapacitated. Yes we do suffer want and shortening. However to what extent?

So what is truly the problem? The big hitch. The jumbo obstacle. The so distinguished tribulation. The unfix-able fault. Is it inwardly me, you or others? Or is it our minds playing guile on us? Or is it the use of our minds and intentions? Or is it our delinquent expectations? Or is it that we impoverishment LOVE? LOVE? LOVE?

So what and where on earth is the problem?

Each particular will come up up with their own imaginative story to this ask. I astonishment all of your answers. And I summons you to undertake FREEDOM in your response. For you are cum laude and worth of breathing a being in the up to date. A Life of Unity and Oneness to bring into being Wholeness within and minus.

The existence of time is within you, me and all. Let us admiration and love our time.

With appreciation I hold dear this possibleness to slice this Insight with you for we are all one.

I worship you. I admire you. I be mad about you.

Please feel unrestricted to share this Insight beside your friends, family, co-workers and enemies to bring on Unity and Peace to the global. The incident is present. Let your oil lamp brightness.

May the love, low-density and the blessings of God and the Universe surround, shield and make well you, your admired ones and the heavenly body loam.

With Love, Gratitude and Respect

Truly, With God All Things Are Possible

© Copyright 2007 Spirituality Inside and Out, LLC

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